Red Reishi mushroom tea (from the Ganoderma lucidum strain ) is the most well-studied and documented type of functional fungus known nowadays, and for a good reason. Known as the Mushroom of Immortality, it’s been utilized in herbal and conventional medicine practices for countless years; it uses a variety from liver disorders to cancer to anxiety.

However, exists evidence to back up these claims? While there’s no proof (at least yet.) That this proliferation makes you never-ceasing, it does measure up to its healthy name in many other methods. Our friends at Medicinal Foods believe in the power of this alternative medicine. They have produced distinct, delicious blends of red reishi mushroom tea. And it’s why we want you to get more information about it!

History of the strain: As we pointed out earlier, reishi–whether as a fungus drink or in other kinds–has been used for medicinal residential or commercial properties for over 2,000 years. It’s a relatively rare family strain to discover in the wild. It only grows naturally at the bottom of hardwood trees (usually maple or hemlock), with a high prevalence in China, Japan, and other Asian nations.

In those nations, the use of this practical medicine started as early as the Han Dynasty (CE 78 – 139). It’s understood by a couple of names besides the one given and the fungus of Immortality. It’s typically described as “lingzhi,” which roughly equates to “spirit herb” or “magnificent herb,” lending to its perceived ability to stimulate the supernatural. Too cool to miss:

And just what are these benefits, you might be questioning? Generally, it has been utilized to treat cancer, immune conditions, depression, tiredness, stomach problems, and more. Because of its rarity before modern-day cultivation, it was frequently reserved for the upper class and royalty. But no more.

Medicinal Foods items make you feel exceptional with the item in question coupled with other amazing ingredients in a warming pick-me-up mix. The delicious drink blend combines the soft power of the strain with the energetic power of Chaga to give you the best of both worlds.

The Numerous Advantages: Like many practical mushrooms, we know that they’re a substantial part of conventional medication. Now, we’re going to look at their contemporary & Western uses that have been supported by clinical research studies (not to mention the many, lots of personal stories on the subject!).

Body immune system: Possibly the most well-studied strain benefits relate to resistance. Both standard and Western medicine claim that these fungi can assist and offer your immune system an increase.

Studies support this claim. Consider the following: One cellular study revealed that extracts from this species could increase several resistance markers and improve the function of immune system cells.

Other studies show that the strain has substantial antioxidant homes and can act as an antiviral. Likewise, research studies revealed it has the prospective to boost immune function in sophisticated cancer patients who often have reduced resistances. Likewise, it’s been observed to minimize inflammation and help with symptoms of immunity-related conditions.

It’s essential to keep in mind that more animal and human research studies are needed to test the paths and applications of these findings.

State of mind and Relaxation: One of the qualities that the strain is most famous for is its soothing and relaxing qualities. A cup of these quality items of herbal beverage is the best way to unwind & destress after a long day.

One research study examining breast cancer survivors saw that after four weeks of ingesting the shroom, participants experienced a remarkable decrease in anxiety and depression.

Lingzhi mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum, Reishi) and cup of ling zhi tea isolated on white background.

Another research study showed participants’ general wellness improved after reishi usage. It’s worth noting that both of those research studies looked at individuals with persistent conditions. These results recommend some relaxation, and mood-boosting benefits exist with reishi mushroom usage.

Studies in animals likewise support this idea. One research study with mice saw that animals that got a supplement containing the fungus had anti-anxiety effects similar to diazepam (an anti-anxiety pharmaceutical medication).

Fatigue: Because of its relaxing effects on the state of mind, lots of usage as a way to help them sleep during the night. There’s likewise evidence that the strain can minimize tiredness and help you feel more rested overall, supporting your sleep cycles.

Numerous sources report success using the respective shroom for clients that struggle with sleep. These research studies propose that the strain is a “sleep-promoting element” that can likewise lower tension and anxiety and impact sleep quality. Experience the Amazing Benefits Yourself!

As with many of these studies, more human individuals are required to completely comprehend these supplement benefits. The lab tests have exciting and appealing results. They certainly support why these mushrooms are used around the globe.

Look at the tasty alternatives to see how this tea gives you an edge over everyone else! You can have multiple delicious teas to binge on.